Hi guys,

Just wanted to tell you the story of my cousin, he is also a famous chicken – Little Jerry Seinfeld (LJS).

You guys probably remember him from his guest starring on Seinfeld where he had to fight to get Jerry’s bounced check remove from the display board, well, LJS didnt really like doing the show and he was really upset when jerry seinfeld had asked him to help him out and star on this episode.

Now for the true story, jerry seinfeld had FORCED my cousine, LJS, to come do this show since he was dating a this crazy animal rights chick, and she was all like « ohhh poor chickens, we got to do something so people will know that chickens has souls (we really dont) yada yada yada » so jerry seinfeld was trying to impressed the stupid bi$#%h and had LJS fight this crazy beast for like 100 takes till Kremer jumped into the ring in the correct timing and so on

Anyway, This is the BIG true story behind the little cute chicken.