Wow – this was strange – I was watching this cooking show here – I was amazed, there he was, just laying around there, not moving at all, my father, the greatest chicken you’ll ever know, so he was co staring (if you can really call it co staring) on this show, they cooked him real good, telling the viewers all kind of stuff and tips about how to get the chicken juices tastier or something crazy like that – it was shocking – oh well, I guess this is what I have to go through when I am just a chicken in this crazy world.

Soooo, how are you guys doing? eaten any chickens lately? how was it? 🙂

Today the stats are going nuts – something is going on in the UK and I have no idea what it is – packock site got like 300 visits today (and its only 4PM ) – most of them from the UK – Brits are going nuts over a chicken ha?
I love you guys 🙂
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