How long have you been involved with the Internet?

I started back in 1999 with a few pages for a website that my wife sold product on. It was a basic website where you could see the product and if you wanted to order you had to send an email or call us. Then in late 2003 we started a medical supplies / medical equipment website. We sold anything from wheelchairs to wound care supplies via are full e-commerce site.

Why did you start a web hosting company?

Over the past 4 or 5 years we have used numerous web host. During that time we were frustrated more than anything with the level of customer service we received. My business partner and I decided to start a hosting business with quality support, available 24 hours per day.

What sets your company apart from the 5,000 other web host?

Service! Our service goes above and beyond our customer expectations. We have really gone out of our way to help our customers with their website needs. Often times well outside the scope of web hosting. Our customers like our US-based customer support and support tickets are usually answered within the hour received.

Does your hosting company also do web design?

Yes, our first clients all were web designs clients of ours. We offer affordable web design that only starts at $399.00 for a basic five page website. We have helped numerous business establish their web presence for bargain prices. We also have a programming department that will handle the e-commerce needs.

What are the top three Industry Blogs do you read?

I enjoy reading:

Do you consider yourself a domainer?

We have a small number of domains that could be worth something. A few years back we started buying domains when we saw a good opportunity. We bought one domain back in 2005 for $300.00 (the guy needed money) and we ended up selling it in early 2007 for $9,500.00.

What do you see in the future for the Internet?

I see domaining getting even bigger and 10 years from now just owning a .com TLD will be huge. I also think that the biggest change we will see will be in the field of fighting spam, both email and search engine.

What do you do for fun?

We live about an hour away from the beach and when we aren’t there we spend our weekends at swim meets. My daughter is a competitive swimmer and goes to swim meets a few times per month.