1. buckock, fuckoff (By sanka).
2. nice cock! (By matthew).
3. This is so great ^^ (By ROTFLMAO).
5. What  a packock chicken. (By Vetle).
6. I tap that… from Sir SeanConnery (By Sir SeanConnery).
7. Maybe that chicken will stop making that annoying noise if I cook him. Mmmm! (By Emily).
8. is that latex?! (By mazzieh).
9. am i the only one who has noticed that his wings are IN his pants!!  poor cute chicken, probably is very confused in this big world… (By lauren).
10. Hmm he seems to be kinda gay. But is he gay enough? (By kapitan).
11. Im waiting for a car to hit that chicken… (By Banan).
12. Pretty large fly… does he have a large ~pakock~ (By Moby).
13. U r evil putting aa chicken in clothes! (By Bob).
14. His is cute, and very, very sweet (By Elka).
15. Brian: « Man, this is sooo gaaaay » Stewie: « NO, IT’S NOT! Haven’t you heard the announcers say it’s not gay?! Ha! Chicken 1, you 0! » (By ddawwidd).
16. Chiken Chuk! (By JN).
17. Wow, those legs look delicious…. Kind of sexy!!! (By JO).
18. It looks like hes taking a piss. (By JO).
19. I’d Tap That!!! (By Tibursio).
20. There’s a blurry dude in the back stalking the chicken. (By Kp).
21. I have just what thing to say – WTF?! (By Yoav).
22. i am the mighty gorgon. (By gpopreglozn).
23. The zipper is nicer on the back. Sexy! (By Eddie Elliott).
24. aww i think its great i looove it :D:D (By Ruthieee..obv).
25. thats what your mother said last night. (By Aboo).
26. Fockoff! (By DirtyRooks).
27. Wow, that’s the best chicken costume I’ve ever seen! (By Jeff).
28. He IS a fag. Wait, who knows he’s a he? (By fin).
29. who does this……please tell me
30. Smurfbob
31. i come from planet chicktopia give me all your deep fryers!
32. u sad f&&&*******8 (By we).
33. HOLY CRAP!!!@!!!@!@!!!111!!!! ITS MC CHICKEN
34. Cot cot ? (By spi).
35. Fuck mah cock
36. Notice that woman behind him, trying to hunt him
37. too arrogant, he seems sgt. hartman in Full metal jacket. you better obey him!
38. chicken in a diaper ?
39. I’d hit it,then throw it in the oil. (By anonymous).
40. yay!!!chiken!! (By pandashmanda).
41. It’s so nice. Does anyone have a hammer?? (By PbL).
42. halarious
43. he’s a fancy chicken, isn’t he?!?!?!?
44. I need to eat it dumbass.
45. this is HONESTLY The stupidest site ever seen that chicken is looked good enough to eat! and you know what i did? I ATE IT (By TheBestANDTheRest).
46. Now I know why the chicken was trying to get to the other side. It was just finishing the marathon. (By Bob).
47. I miss blank iiiiiiii. Donate button to fund blank iiiiiiii.com? (By Goon).
48. he makes me horny a little bit (By bri).
49. It’s the evil Austria chicken! Named Bagooooock (By hotdog).
50. Annoying, But good enough to eat ^_^ YUMMY (By Chicken).
51. Chicken soup for the web.
52. the zip dont go all way down how does he get out of his pants (By Simon).
53. This chicken has slain children for no reason at all other than the fact that he destroys families.
54. at least he wont shit everywhere
55. Who the fuck comments a picture of chicken dressed up? (By matt).
56. im gonna do this little chicken….hard
57. Yes I do. (By P?l Olav Loftesnes).
58. hey!, my brother Packock i love you! (By lola the chicken :)).
59. Is he wearing a boxing glove?
60. ONE MAN… ERM… ONE CHICKEN! (By leeroy jenkins).
61. how funky is ur chicken. very (By emma).
62. I though the link said peacock chicken. I am disappointed.
63. Look at him standing all high and mighty. He must be forgetting that he’s got a rubber diaper on. What a penis.
64. I dated a girl like that once…. (By Oliver).
65. I guess he’s a pretty cool chicken.  His packocking gets a bit annoying, though.  I’d like him better if he was in nugget form. (By Nick).
66. Man raper in the back! (By Cameron).
67. Watch out, cute chicken! Chickenlover from behind!, Really nice diaper suit, btw ^^ (By Patros).
68. Very sexy, indeed! (By Ja).
69. Why did the chicken cross the road?, Because the packock chicken was after him!!!!! (By lol lol lol).
70. there is a man stalking him, im pretty sure! (By penny).
71. Where is my deep fat fryer?
72. J’aime son jacket
73. ha..haaa..hooo…hoooo..
74. cool
75. I like it.
76. he is a douche bag
77. j’ai envie de lui botter le derri?re!!!
78. its cute
79. he wears his pants too high up, like a fag
80. This chicken looks like he’s ready to run a race.
81. tasty chicken
82. wtf?
83. eat
84. Very sexy, indeed!
85. Super cute. I want to crunch it
86. packooock
87. he’s simply awesome!
88. his face is a butt. BURN!
89. IT really is annoying.
90. Weird
91. rocks my world dbag!
92. is that a creepy man behind the chickin?
93. 10/10
94. i think its a rooster… and you need more packocking…
95. Wow…
97. Packock u should be worried LuRiCe is around (By LuRiCe :D).
98. I’d pack this cock straight into a KFC box. (By Lolwut).
99. A cock dressed up with latex … Is it a viral from a condom factory? (By JRocha).
100. shut-up damned chicken!! (By capitainabloc).
101. who is this guy on the back ?!!? (By capitainabloc).
102. what a beautiful cock… latex covered ? (By skwid).
103. where’s the cock?! (By gedzior).
104. packock is weird… (By Jake).
105. suck my paCOCK (By JOEY).
106. Is the guy in thebackground making the packock sound? (By Elizabeth).
107. LMFAOOOOOO, it sounds like hes saying « puCOCKKKK, yummmmmy. i just keep getting orgasms. (By rachel and serena).
108. I love that chicken
109. Mustard (By Billy_Konnection).
110. Watch out, cute chicken! Chickenlover from behind! Really nice diape (By JOHN).
111. ooh isnt she nice ^^ (By sjaok).
112. I wonder what the man in the background was thinking in this moment… (By Sahzah).
113. Sirius Lives (By Evy).
114. dominachick? (By Kobe).
115. HE looks so tasty (By DA GRIM REAPER).
116. How do I pee in this thing? (By O_O).
117. KILL KFC:) (By SIC).
118. ZOMG A CHICKEN!!! (By daniel).
119. Is that picture real? (By Larsry).
120. Sexy chicken
121. I want to make love to the chicken! (By Hermaphrodit).
122. He’s being stalked by the soggy old man behind… (By Hoitity Toitity).
123. You are my leader o lovely chicken i shall never eat another chicken for as long as i am not near KFC. (By TENNNIY).
124. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Ever. (By Froogle).
125. can i buy a suit like this for my chicken (By mr. c. hicken).
126. wat happens if the chicken needs a shit? (By Will).
127. omfg (By rade0n).
128. I love this chicken. He  is so cute! (By Nicholas).
129. Packock-doodle-doo! (By nrvr).
130. Wow… Weeeeeeirrrrrrdddddddd, we love you anyhow chicken! (By ~Reuben).
131. hmmm… grilled chicken in a latexpoket (By TET).
132. dude why is my picture on this site? (By Mc~Spirrit).
133. This must be just like livin’ in packock-adise (By cakke).
134. bagels. (By sasquatch).
135. shut the fuck up this is the gayest site ever fuck off bitch! (By Yourmom).
136. to bad you have chicken legs (By tasha).
137. Yeah (By Viadinho).
138. oh my poor brain! this « pakock! » made it sick while i was thinking about creative comment! *jackass* (By 2D).
139. Bock ock! (By Cbluecmhii).
140. Packcok chicken is the only animal that Chuck Norris is afraid of it!! (Did you know that Packock chicken can lick it own balls?) (By Ofek-A-Saf).
141. please keep that zipper closed… (By it’s a me!).
142. Please give me his number! (By eSky).
144. Chicken?Who’s chicken? That’s a topten goalkeeper… Fair play,u know))
145. This summer, Rob Schneider is a chicken. (By Shon).
146. One Extra Chicken Menu with extra cheese and a frozen Packock xD (By ROb).
147. he’s just a chiken!!! (By keke).
148. how is he doing poop? (By hibner).
149. i want to see the chicken do a moonwalk
150. a chicken with gimp suit? i like goats better bah! (By krizz).
151. I’d rather see a chick in that get-up than that cock (By DonJaime).
152. Lauren, I think he’s masturbating.Try saying « I won the math debate. » That’s what he’s thinking. (By ME).
154. he’s a stupid chicken!!??!! (By niki).
155. Oh oh oh, I got the best comment! PACKOCK! Awesome, I know. ;o (By Thomas B).
156. Holy shit there is a NUN behind him. Wonderful chicken :O (By Eetu).
157. Pacock (By someone).
158. I don’t even know how i managed to get here but what a fucking waste of time. You people really need to do something productive with your useless lives… 😀 (By Chris).
159. This is your brain. This is your chicken on drugs. (By Tom Tre).
160. He sure has a perty mouth…
161. Where did you get the picture of my mom?! (By Joe).
162. no
not really
i hate it
its weird
its really weird
its still pretty wierd
its annyoying
really random
i don’t think i can find someone that will like it
its not cute
whos that person in the back ground?
y is it wearing clouthes?
it doesn’t look good in red and white
its not a good picture
y won’t it ever shut up?
the ground is also really dirty
y is there a random forest behind it?
where is the chicken?
its not better than KFC, KFC rocks
y do u think its cool to get an annyoing picture of a dressed up chicken?
y am i still doning this?
i like a guy named cody 😀
(By vickkky).
163. lol pakcok (By bobby).
164. LOL site admin is a FURFAG!!! (By Real-Hussein).
165. I bet he feels a right COCK!!!
166. i want to eat you chhicken!!!!
167. He looks like an American Wrestler ! Theyre all big chicken shits ! (By Brian (UK)).
168. That’s an awesome chicken. If I was half as cool as that chicken, I’d die from extreme awesomeness. (By Captain Alex).
169. Anyone notice that turkey in the background? He is blurred , but you can make out the head … to the right hiding behind the gate.
Fucking turkey GET HIM!!!
Wait I’m a vega … DON’T GET THEM! (By oxygenfad.com).
170. I’m always up for some fun! (By Vebt Sluicer).
171. WTF ! (By Sammy).
172. i think he needs to shut up. (By Paige).
173. I just wona eat you up!! soo qute… (By Ben).
174. he is gay? (By chacc).
175. What I’m wondering is why my friend sent me the link to this website, and stated that it made her think of me….what the fuck? Do I look like a chicken in pants! (By Jodie).
177. Chikeny china the weird ass dressed up chicken, you have a drumstick and ur brains stops clicking! (By Ilia).
178. packock D: (By Gilad).
179. emo chicken lol
180. PAckock CHICKEN! (By aa).
181. looks like its hiding a vagina
182. I love chickens more than my good-for-nothin’ son! (By Alex).
183. Id like to eat this cute chicken
JUST KIDDING (By astro).
184. Tbh, it’s just a chicken.
GTFO! (By Pwnisher).
185. yes (By you ).
186. and so, the Rubber Chicken arose (By Tooplark).
187. Thats my love fantasy!
188. ????? ?????! (By baskai).
189. ROFL whoever made those sites and that pet is crazy XD (By GOM).
190. Ohmygoth! Chicken! Hm….. with rice…. good… (By Maciel).
191. This was better than KFC. Hey, how’s Packock doing now? Can I eat him yet? (By Jeana).
192. OMG! I’m on The Foto! (By LuKz).
193. Where did you get the picture
194. baaaaaaawk buk buk buk baaaaaaaaawk FUCKOFF 😀 (By Azzaip).
195. That is a very sexy picture, Does anybody know where I can get the cell number of this sexy frend? (By Laura (Spoon)).
196. Why did the chicken cross the road.. so he could get his FUBU!!!!!! (By Cassidy).
197. Mmmm…I bet it would be tasty all fried up. (By Claudia).
198. Shut that thing up or I’m going to eat it. (By Claudia).
199. This site fucking sucks. (By Tapioca Frank).
200. Where is the ketchup?? (By Chancho).
201. the ghostly guy form behind wants to make a dinner with the cool chiken!!!! or wants is jacket… (By Ghostly Guy).
202. yes i do! (By SOPHIE).
203. That chickens gots a pants on! (By S).
204. Can’t think… Of a… Creative… Comment… « sigh » (By Ryan).
205. And now I can’t stop imagining this chicken singing IIIIIIIII, OOOOIIII, and LALALAA. (By Denzel).
206. « All aboard! » (By Ian).
207. Let me unzip those pants and see ur pacock! (By Snarb).
208. and ten sconds later, the chicken got run over by a truck (By snipp).
209. 7 (By Bob).
210. chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken FRIED RICE, FRIED RICE!!!! ahhhhh snaaaake! (By Morgan).
211. que mierda mas grande, pollo con un buzo de mierda xD? (By penegordo).
212. There’s someone stalking that chicken. Can you find them? (By eggmAn).
213. He stole my work uniform.. (By chnn).
214. I say I say, is this a trick question, boy? I’ve never heard of a « cute » chicken before! (By F. Leghorn).
215. Finally! I´ve made it, I´m free at last!(…and dont I look darn hot in these here pants of mine!) the daring chicken says to itself, not aware that the farmer´s wife, who had followed it all along was silently waiting in the background, in her right, under her cloak, tightly clutching an ax…. (By gool).
216. you look good in red and white! (By Liesje).
217. aww….u got a picture of a guy in my class…..:) (By beezee).
218. chicken is food…i like food… i love it….Food food is good food (By dookie).
221. All that comes to my mind when i look at this is the chicken thinking: « shit, i hope they won’t try to get me to poze naked after this  » (By rob).
222. « Pacock! » that’s creative. If i was a thousandth of how cool & cute that chicken is, My pants would be upside down =D (By Isabelle).
223. That is one sexy chicken. Packock! (By Bob Steve Joe).
224. Whats that? A duck? A svan? No! It’s the DaFFRaChi.! (The Damn Fucking Fast  Racing Chicken). My hero! (By George).
225. A cock stuck in a zipper… Normally that would be painful to see. (By Jon).
226. …packock……..packock………packock……….packock…….packock………packock……pack-*Exits page* (By James).
227. What????? (By Klaus – Brazil).
228. I just imagined the chicken shouting, « To the chicken mobile! Come young ward! » Then a little chicken jumping in the chicken mobile with a little mask on and then they drove off into sunset. (By TheVeryMadHatter).
229. Someone know if the chicken makes a private show (strip-tease)!?! Well I’ill be in touch… (By Together).
230. this chicken reminds me of my mum (By lewis).
231. yum…chicken (By Sarah).
232. I wanna EAT you and EAT you, up on the erm um Street?! (By Nathan).
233. tesco’s orgaqnic range looks fresher than ever (By Stephen Kyle).
234. i has a butt. (By ashweeee).
235. Yup, a real product of the south – KFC in a nascar suit. (By Zinger).
236. PACKOCK! (By Mason).
237. why aren’t there lyrics to this one? (By Mason).
238. Now we know why the chicken didn’t cross the road.. (By Mason).
239. And Packock to you too!!!! (By Shnu).
240. it must be covering up its c-section. (By Boza).
241. ZZZZZIIIIIIP *splat* (By ARFENHOUSE!!!111one!!@!@!).
242. I wonder how he’s going to take a p^ss in that… (By Xemo).
243. omfg (By Spasti).
244. ?????? ?? ?????????… (By Root_MSC).
245. He is turbo chicken! He is my hero! (By Solteszpeter).
246. Packock! Hooray! (By Lightsword).
247. Wat the hell this looks stupid who the heck would want to watch this (By dude).
248. This is even more « fun » when your computer crashes at full volume. and refuses to turn off until 4am (By Claire).
249. Wow… That was so annoying! I had to turn the volume down so I could write this comment… I dont even know why I’m commenting… Guess what? I love animals I can even sometimes love chickens but what kind of retard would put a chicken in a stupid suit that looks like a fast food suit then have it say packock god knows how many times. Sorry… If you like the chicken and you hated this comment… It’s just how I view it… I’m just saying… Why would anyone dress up a chicken? (By Sienna).
250. YAAAAY GOOOOOOOOOOOO, Spandex!!! lol (By spandex man (INC.)).
251. OH MY GOD!!!! IT’S SANTA!!!!! (By Anselmo).
252. cute, maybe cuter if he took off that ridiculous suit and we hit it up together (By Akire).
253. iiiiiiii…bacock!…..iiiiiiii…. this is the low of lows (By Ekira).
254. hello my name is matt and i make maps!!!1 (my name isnt really matt) (By Matt).
256. Y does it keep saying big cok?! (By Ed).
257. looks kinda like he’s stuck in a beach ball (By Marilyn).
258. that simply has to be… the saddest, most nightmarish,time-wasting shit i have ever seen in my life…. damn. (By Sasha).
259. i’d like to unzip him and eat his insides (By Sandro).
260. ROFL. CHICKENN! (By lee).
262. How the hell do you stop this thing from Baggocking while I’m trying to read the comments! Very distracting! (By H-Max).
263. Looking for a hot date? (By Colonel Sanders).
264. Czekaj (By Rem).
265. That chicken rocks my eyebrows off. DAMN CHICKEN!!!! (By MEEEEE).
266. yes i like this website (By Ole).
267. Taco Taco Burrito Taco (By Hoitity Toitity).
268. The chicken looks like satan. ALL HAIL CHICKEN. (By Tiff).
269. hello my name is chicken cheicken chicken, but i cant spell schickehjbghiorg hahahahhahahahahahah i like chcken see i cant spell chicken
one day i saw a chicken
and it layed an egg
It was amazing (By Mummy).
270. oww the chicken, its up my bumm, help
271. Introducing the sixth power ranger…TAKE FORM OF CHICKEN! (By Hubert Cumberdale).
272. Has anyone seen any frozen sparrows around here? The Cult sent me! (By Cultee).
273. Mother Mary full of grace Wipe that smile off your face, I’m a chicken from the south I belong on the street not in your mouth! (By Cultee).
274. Finally, someone else has the same rooster, rubber, bondage bestiality fetish that I do! Packock indeed (By Allieloopy).
275. Can you ask him if he will marry me? (By Doogleflip).
276. Make you want to pet it! (By Nora).
277. I believe (just like the christians and Moslems) that your cock is a pullet. (By pure cocoa joy).
279. yeah Gangsta! (By Skell).
280. :O!!! that is the sexyest chicken iv ever come across! i think it needs a good poking! (By Caz).
281. What a waste of money to buy this domain… (By YourWorstNightmare).
282. It freak me out, there is a  ghost behind the chicken, to the right.  If you see it, you will suffocate with a bone the next time you eat chicken. (By kosciusko).
283. hahahahahahaha! this is sooooo perfetic but fuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy! (By laurel).
285. is she gonna stand there all day, or she’s going to cross the street. and if so – why? (By Dani).
286. Thats a chicken in pants allright! (By Hkon).
« 287. dirty dominatrix chicken.. Oh babyy ! ;D (By Katya).
 » 288. i like this chicken she’say packock! (By Bula).
289. dsfrsadgsagfgasafsadg (By Matt).
290. Schumi Chicken (By Bobi).
291. if he his afraid of me does it make him a chicken? (By Tomas Najar).
293. forget the chicken, where am i on the top comments board (By kieran bott).
294. that chicken is a bad ass and he knows it.so does the guy who is trying to get a good look at his thanksgiving stuffing hole. (By Scottypoo).
295. oh, how cute… you guys post a photo of my ex-wife… (By Gabriel).
296. [insert cock joke here] (By Zizi).
297. KFC and other food chain no much for this packock…. coz it has costume compare to chicken dressing… (By Mc Ramz).
298. First: it`s definitly NOT cute!! Second: the « bacaak » is driving me crazy!! Third: Has nobody noticed that the suit is just taped on the picture?! (By Mrs Attitude).
299. Where do I get one for my two pound baby boy!! I want to see hiim strut and crow in the latest chicken fashions! (By Madena).
300. is he wearing a boxing glove? (By ChickenLVR).
301. Cute wtf? why the fuck would you take a picture of a chicken lol (By Fagman).
302. send this to Pamela Anderson she hates KFC (By Linda).
303. does it have 2 make dat awful noise, it sounds lyk ma chem teach- repetetive nd boring!! lol (By Jemma).
304. Packook! (By Szab).
305. If you ask me, he belongs at KFC! (By bistro).
306. Oh fuck me, Austrian flag is alive! (By Konstantin).
307. Busted (By hoitity toitity).
308. Wtf- I lost that suit years ago! (By Nhb).
309. The king of the world in a punching bag suit!
310. the guy in the back was probably wondering wtf is wrong with the guy who took this photo… (By Spirrit).
311. Watch out for the creepy stalker behind you Muffinbuns! (By Ree).
313. Meh… (By Zoë).
314. lindsy lohen is in the house!!! (By lolika).
315. Hey that’s a pic of my Granny! Hmm… (By fdgsdfh).
316. Hey! you took a picture of my dinner! Hmph. (By Hungry Dude).
317. Nascar chicken! It’s your baby!!!!!!!  *swoons* (By Future Mrs. Packock).
318. No , i dont like this cute chicken (By Karol).
319. Awwww he so cute. He reminds me of boyfriend! Oh wait, he right here watching me type this…I am in trouble. No really though, the chicken is the cutest thing on the planet! (besides me, of course) (By Samantha).
320. LMFAO those are pants? (By Chris).
321. I like Fried Chicken (By Southern Boy).
322. Quite contrary, Jodie from number 2; he’s not wearing pants at all. You look like a chicken in a VEST. (By By By).
323. Does he dance? (By jason r).
324. MARY ME SWEET-WINGS!! (By Tudes).
325. What, have they banned nudity from the internet or are you just PETA haters? (By Harry).
326. Heh… I’m on the internet. (By Crystal).
327. this chicken is the worlds most awsome thing!!! it is instantly better then a cure for AIDS. (By pieisgood).
328. He likes the Swiss colors… maybe he wants to land himself on a sandwich with swiss cheese. (By zazaza).
329. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (By this is pointless).
330. who the hell is that creeping around in the background? (By will).
331. quite sexy. (By Kalani).
332. Im just typing something as a dare (By Brandy).
333. .. mom ?.. or dad.. (By Racmus).
334. wth r u doin with my clothes >_< (By INGRID E).
335. Someone is stalking that chicken. (By Harry Erik).
336. That random lady is stalking that chicken, I bet she wants to steal his suit. What a pervert, leaving him naked in such a cruel world. (By Miss Monkeyface).
337. Slowly the chicken will enter our brains like a bloodsucking parasite and everywhere we go we’ll hear the sound….. »PACKOCK! » No one is safe. (By LLMCW).
338. Lmao, wut the hell was that. My brother told me there was a picture of me on the internet and he told me to go to this website. He gave me the link and then I was like « What the hell is this » (By Linda).
339. ok seriously what the fuck………..this butt looks like my ex boyfriends fat ass face………………..lol……..a blog (By EMMA).
340. One packock for you! (By Bula).
341. uhh… KFC i’d like my dollar back my Snacker sort of…well…. ran away… p.s. it stole my best pair of boxers too. (By Chris).
342. cocoric (By Pe de Cogumelo).
343. LMAO This scared me 😀 (By Michaela).
344. Well…at least I didn’t get spyware from clicking on this dumbass link.
345. no (By blasj).
346. Not hard to be better than KFC–everything is better than KFC.  But this chicken is awesome. (By Becci).
347. Does these pants have a sort of hole to let her eggs go out?? (By Marcelo).
348. Wow, another awsome George Bush speech (By BOB SAGET).
349. WE
350. me and my friends were at school and they went on this site with the volume turned up all the way, and it was so quiet until….BUCK-BUCK! everyone started laughing their heads off!!!!!!! LOL oh and ur iiiiiiii doesn’t work anymore. oh yea and another thing, last year with my class, someone went on iiiiiiii.com and all u heard was that hilarious song!!!!!! (By packock chicken’s friend! lol).
351. is that a real chicken???? if it is, then u guys are so CRUEL to animals!!!!!!!!!!!! how could u do that u packock?! (By psyclone @ cw).
352. if i looked like that id be realy upset to.  by the way who dreses a chicken noobs thats who. (By dakota).
353. That suit only fits this chicken… and Chuck Norris. (By sCYTHe).
354. that chicken? cute? are u kidding? its starting to really piss me off with its incessant clucking. this means WAR!! (By Mr P I Staker).
355. This chicken is so obviously not Bill Murray.  This chicken is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  It will carry us to the promisland (By Bill Muray).
356. OMG how did you get a picture of me?? (By Kate).
357. Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock!Packock! Really annoying, but still so cute!!!!! (By Chrissy YOUR MOM).
358. This turns me on. (By Christina Lindner).
359. gglgylgyjtigk
360. jo itrs ea bick as chicken and its called jens or?
361. I totally heart the songs. You should totally make more. Keep it alpha!
P.S. Bean thinks the red chicken vest is so out of style. Try a cute RL sundress. (By Massie).
362. Holy Shit it’s marilyn manson!!! (By Etzka).
363. who the goddamn has the time to do something like this? (By gamb).
364. Ooo, this chiken has got pvc on, kinky 😉 (By SemtexBoi).
365. bacAWWWWWWk…….. bacAWWWWWWK (By John).
366. Ha ha ha!!!Funny.. (By Rolis).
367. No enemy shall stand in my way. For I am a chicken in pants and I shall destroy you with my coolness (By Stewie).
368. That looks like my ex best friends i hate their guts! LOL! nice one! (By Emma).
369. Why is this rooster wearing clothes? Because….It’s too sexy for its jacket, too sexy for it’s jacket…… (By Melissa).
370. You take that off and come back to bed handsome.. (By chnn).
371. I’ve heard about bags that you cook chicken in, but this is just ridiculous! (By Darmi).
372. Yeah, he’s a snappy dresser–but can he DANCE? (By Zahnniia).
373. thats some though chick nobody wants to mess with. (By yasse).
374. i enjoy chickens very much. they are swell. Chickens make me happy (By cottage cheese thighs).
375. the muscelchick looks like a professional *boxing star* well guy, would you like to… (By BEXII).
376. That noise is so annoying it’s awesome. We left it on for two hours and were nearly killed by the rampage it started in the computer room. Heh heh. (By Bones & Nikki).
377. His wings are in his pants cause he likes to……..Lets say, play around. (By LOLOLOL).
378. OI OI OI OI OI OII (By Besoaria).
379. Well, sticking a chicken’s wings in his pants is ONE way to prevent him from flying away… (By Moo).
380. please kill me now. (By please).
381. Sexy Chicken (By Dave).
382. Wat the fuck is this (By Da KIng).
383. HOLY SHIT TALKING CHICKEN!!!! (By Kristen).
384. cool (By Max).
386. You sexy thing, you. (By Keimi).
387. ROFL (By Idiocy n chubs =gay).
388. Looks like Lookus Mucous Raymondstein (By IMAGaud).
389. Wow, I think I remember when I shat that out of my ass. (By Locki).
390. does it come from peace? (By Rexus).
391. lol dramatic chipmunk better move out of the way for this chicken (By JESUSJUICE182).
392. Its really annoying and I cant get it to stop!!! It is kind of cute though!! (By Katie).
393. My sons find the chicken cute and the sounds as well.  But the chicken was then lost alone looking for his nanny how pity….. (By Sadie).
394. Once upon a time there was a chicken, and this chicken had a goal in life, a goal to be the worlds best poultry ballet dancer, but sadly for this estranged chicken, his dreams were not to come true. Buy the inspirational autobiography by the amazing new auther Cluck Cluck Packock today, a book full of so much emotion, action, and good times you wont be able to put it down.
available now for only $19.95
Packock industries can not be held responsible for any chicken related illnesses such as chicken pox (no really it is a chicken illness, look it up). (By Aaron).
395. WE are at school and it got our teacher pissed! (By nunyobuisness).
396. BRAIN RAPE! BRAIN RAPE!!! (By Chewyflakes).
397. CHIKAN LIKAN (By Hammy Hanions Hammy Chicken Bites.).
398. Why did the chicken cross the road? To run away from this photographer. (By Jeana Hansel).
399. This is one cool chicken, is he single? 😉 (By emilee).
400. ……It`s quiet…. To quiet….PACKOCK! LOL! (By George Bush).
401. so thats the chick that cheated with my boyfriend………………. (By RahulS).
402. Hammer Time ended like 17 years ago, bro. (By Eric).
403. Ok, a few things…
1. How did a chicken get a jacet on?
2. Did that chicken eat the cameraman for eating his brother?
3. This is absolutely pointless, but i like it. (By Shelby the chicken killer).
404. Now that is one sexy chicken 😉 is he single? (By Emilee).
405. Moi kaikki pikku hintit ja kanan nussijat hehee! (By homonnussija).
406. i hate you
407. can i get fries with that? (By Broot).
408. I want to throw my shoes at him, he scares me. I wonder if he’ll dodge them… (By Anna).
409. WOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot His COOOOOOOOOOL YEAAAAAAAAAA! (By Durra).
410. Thats some Bamboon Tampoon type shit right there! (By ButtChamber).
411. I once jizzed my pants listening to this packock chicken. (By RileyM).
412. hehe last night i typed in lalalaa to address bar cos i was bored then it went to lalalaa.com and started singing 🙂 (By LOLweirds).
413. What’s the difference between George W. Bush and Packock the chicken?  Packock at least doesn’t have the nerve to show his ass… where as Bush… his existence is an ass. (By Geniuse).
414. aww… isnt he cute in his little jacket but tbh he would look better in my bargain bucket 😉 yuum (By yyyaaass).
415. This game is confusing.  I kept clicking the chicken in the picture for an hour, but all it did was say « packock ». Isn’t something supposed to happen? Somebody help me. 🙂 (By Ben Orsend).
416. Oh my god that’s my mother! (By Nishitori).
417. It’s not the chicken talking… i guess it’s the guy behind the column on the right… (By GC).
418. What Came First..The Chicken Or The Egg? Neither This Sucker Beat Em Both To It (By UMZ).
419. Pakot*BAM!* Die stupid dressed chicken! STUBBY SHOTGUN OWNED CHIKN
420. Meet me by Fortinos, sexy. I’d love to hook up. (By arnoldo).
421. no (By General).
422. How did you get a picture of my mother? (By Bad Idea Bob).
423. Oh my god my boyfriend! 😀 (By your ugly).
424. Oh Canada, oh Canada! (By Stalker in the Picture).
425. This is funny, listen! PACKOCK! We say it almost all the time! So funny! xD (By Grubble Gum).
426. I love Benneton’s ads. (By KamusBrazil).
427. hmmm…I didnt know they made clothing for cocks (By Richard).
428. Where’s the cameraman who’s supposed to be here to shoot me? (By OhNo).
429. omg what the fuck ill murder ur dad get a life this is fucking anoying (By lucysfit).
430. Can i eat her
431. Id hate to see that chicken in a dark alleyb (By blaze413).
432. i like this (By Naama).
433. whos the guy standing in the background
434. This comment is just to kick off the guy at number 10 and make him sad. (By Yusef).
435. I laid an egg in my pants.
436. yes he’s fucking awesome as fuck … PACOCK!! (By leanne swyson).